Manager, New Product Development

Acountability & Objectives

  • Develop and drive the global Vision, Strategy, Stage/Gate Process, and resulting Business Plans for Industrial New Products. These new products will be primarily non-bearing, non-existing products in late Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 (e.g. D Level NPRs).
  • Serve as Industrials central link to the Technology Center on Horizon 3 products in setting the Strategy, Business Plans, and driving adherence to (COMPANY)’s New Business Development (Stage/Gate) Process.
  • Develop, maintain/adapt, and manage Industrials New Product Development Group to quickly triage new product ideas and drive them through the stage/gate process.
  • Develop and maintain a pipeline of new product ideas sufficient to meet the Industrial Groups Business Plan.
  • Excel at determining the true market value of new product ideas through customer intimacy and broad industry & product knowledge.
  • Create affiliations, following NBD processes, as required to support the product development, launch, and ensure the on-going success of the product line.
  • Ensure that all new products developed have the potential of becoming product lines and are integrated into the base Industrial business during development. This will be accomplished by carefully chartering teams during the NBD process and having a Product Plan developed for every launched product.


Key Responsibilities

  • New Product Pipeline Value Grow potential typical year sales for projects in the pipeline from $0 to a steady state greater than $500M.
  • New Product Pipeline Velocity Projects must be moving through the pipeline at an acceptable rate with the initial goal being 10% launch rate within a 2 year window (i.e. in steady state we should be launching at least $50M of new products annually.)
  • Nurture the market and customer intimacy required to determine market value through VOC/VOM activities resulting in products that fulfill customer needs and extract maximum value.
  • Achieve project business cases Projects are launched on-time, within-budget, meet business case expectations and have an approved product plan associated with them.
  • Excel in Customer Service fulfill all customer commitments; ensure forthright, honest, & ethical communication of each projects development status and progress; and ensure that products fulfill quality and performance expectations.
  • Launched New Products Profitability greater economic profit than the core business into which it is launched


Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and Master of MBA.
  • Should have experience in technical sales support and direct sales where skill has been demonstrated in determining customer needs, how the customer values those needs, and stewarding company resource.
  • Must be able to demonstrate a disciplined approach to problem solving, project triage, and stage/gate processing.
  • Must have experience in market analysis tools (market maps, channel maps, profit maps, VOC/VOM, etc.) and demonstrate an aptitude for accurately determining market attractiveness, unmet customer needs.
  • Must have experience in managing and facilitating cross functional teams to achieve high performance goals.


Problem Solving

  • 5% Patterned: Problems include implementing processes to enter and track inquiries, route them through engineering/research for design, and prepare the quotation for the customer.
  • 20% Interpolative: Which precision motion solution should we test against in order to maximize our odds for success using our new products?
  • 75% Adaptive: How far outside of our core competencies do we go to develop new products into new markets?