121+ Events in 2021

News & Press Releases

Looking forward to next year (and who isn’t), the guiding principle for IRI in 2021 will be that we are a virtual organization. We will deliver exceptional value, including networking, research, and content development and distribution virtually. To do so and to inform our community as early as possible, we have developed a calendar of events for the year. We have deliberately left many events to be determined to ensure we are creating content that is as relevant and timely as possible. Therefore, while we have ideas on what we want to present in November, we are aware that given the pace of change, we most likely cannot anticipate what IRI members will need to know at that time. But whatever it is, we will meet that content need.

Our goal is to host at least two events almost every week of the year. Check out our list of events and start planning for 2021 now!

TRACKOnline Courses3rd Wednesday of the month
 Learning Module LaunchesFirst Week Feb, May, Aug, Nov
 CTO ForumPossible in  November
PILOTTopic Roundtables3rd Tuesday Jan, Apr, Jul, Nov
 Webinars2nd Wed. of the month except Oct
 Research ProjectsAs needed
SPRINGDigital Transformation Community (DXC) Roundtables3rd Friday of the month except October
 Digital Transformation Community (DXC) Thought Leader Interviews3rd Thursday of the month except October
 Case StudiesJanuary, TBD
 Digital Futures2nd Week of October
CONFERENCE  Spring NetworksMarch 8-11
 Annual ConferenceMay 17-21
 Fall Networks2nd Week of September
OTHERBrown Bags1st Friday, every other month
 Webinars1st Wednesday of the month
 CTO Coffee House1st Tues of the month
 Director Coffee House2nd  Tues of the month

The IRI 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, Fall Networks and Digital Futures will take precedence but otherwise, we will have regularly scheduled events such as monthly Coffee Houses for the CTOs and Directors. They will be held on the first and second Tuesday of each month, respectively. On the third Wednesday of the month, we will conduct an online training course. The i101 was modified from a one-day onsite training to a virtual two-day format “Essential Tools and Organizational Issues in Managing Innovation” with very interactive break-out sessions, practical tools and techniques takeaways. Additional virtual training courses on Business Model Innovation, Financial Analysis for R&D, External Technology and others in the development stage will be offered on a rotating basis. We will be developing and launching quarterly new on-demand Learning Modules like our recently released learning module on External Technology – available to access on any digital device by IRI members.

We are also exploring a new research method for IRI and one that reflects the pace of business in a virtual environment – Roundtable Discussions. These will be held quarterly and will consist of a small group of experts discussing a current challenge and possible solutions or best practices. The discussions will result in a product such as a short white paper or infographic to be shared with IRI members. We will continue our DXC thought leader interview calls every third Thursday and our DXC roundtable calls on the third Friday of the month.  We will also release a Digital Case Study in January. (Further Case Studies may be released during the year if funding permits.)

During the year, we will continue our series of Webinars the first and second Wednesday of each month. We are also bringing back our RTM Brown Bags to be held on the first Friday of every other month.

As mentioned above, this rotation will be adjusted on the months in which we have a major conference: Spring Networks the second week of March, the Annual Conference the third week of May, the Fall Networks the second week of September and Digital Futures, the second week of October.