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Much like any new decade, we looked forward to the “20s” decade with great anticipation and fanfare. The first cases of COVID-19 in the US were reported in January 2020; by March the country, and the world, were amid a global pandemic. The pandemic upended how we live, work and engage. The “old normal” was gone, and everyone had to adapt.
Fast forward a year later and the pandemic rages on, albeit somewhat muted thanks to innovations such as vaccines and other treatments. There’s been considerable discussion of what the world post-pandemic will look like.
“The Next Normal” is the theme of IRI’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. There will be content on topics like the future of AI, building Agile leadership strategies, creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce and post-pandemic workplaces. The conference will appeal to organizations, innovation practitioners, authors and researchers who read and publish in IRI’s journal, Research-Technology Management (RTM).
The annual conference, which takes place from May 17–21, is a unique opportunity for participants to learn from thought leaders, engage in discussions and make connections that can help them navigate the “next normal” in innovation management.
Michelle Goff, Portfolio Manager of Business, Management, and Economics at Taylor & Francis (T&F) will give a presentation on how to get your journal article published in RTM. T&F are one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks, textbooks, and reference works.
On Wednesday, May 19, there will be opportunities to explore sustainability topics such as circularity, clean air, the future of sustainable mobility thanks to IRI’s partnership with the European Industrial Research Management Association. In addition, the Manufacturers Alliance for Innovation and Productivity will present their latest studies on collaborative research on ecosystems for smart manufacturing.
RTM’s annual conference special issue, published in November, includes papers based on conference presentations.
Attending IRI’s annual conference is a great way to spark ideas for research and case studies that can be published in RTM. Read the author guidelines for details on how to publish.
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