December 5 Member Update

IRI Member Update


December 8, 12pm – 1:00pm 

IRI’s Thought Leader Interview | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion!

Neurodiverse individuals make up 15 – 20% of the population and recruiting the next generation of innovation professionals will require a better understanding of those individuals. Johan Wiklund, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Business will speak about the links between ADHD and entrepreneurship, how individuals with ADHD can be great assets to your teams, and the accommodations that can be made to get the best out of these individuals.

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December 9, 12pm – 1:00pm EST Free, registration required

Would you like to shift your company’s innovation culture?  – RTM Lunch &Learn:

While culture change is hard and often fails, it has been successful in many communities. Join RTM authors who discuss their paper on how companies can use leadership styles capable of shaping culture to emergent needs. Leaders will be best able to tackle volatility and shape culture if they understand the lessons that communities learned over thousands of years of human history.

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December 9, 12pm – 1:00pm

Digital Knowledge Management Techniques – PILOT Research Roundtable

Confused as to which historical data to keep and who makes those decisions. This roundtable is the 2nd discussion in IRI’s benchmarking project on digitizing knowledge management. Hear from fellow innovation professionals how they approach this process.

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December 12, 12pm – 1:00pm 

Improving Workplace Morale and Motivation – PILOT Research Roundtable

Organizations that require some to work at the facility while others work remotely have challenges surrounding the needs and perceptions of staff. This roundtable is the 2nd part in IRI’s new benchmarking project on best practices in improving workplace morale and motivation. Learn how fellow IRI members are tackling these challenges.

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January 18, 2023

Making Open Innovation Work – TRACK Workshop

Are your corporate innovation efforts siloed within research labs and boardrooms? This workshop practical recommendations about external technology assessment, intellectual property considerations, and effective project management involving external partners.

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Shaping Innovation Leaders

Transition from an innovation manager to an innovation ambassador!

Wish your high-potential scientists could be high-achieving influencers within your company? This intense 1-week course at the top-ranked leadership business school, Kellogg, will provide scientists with an understanding of the business needs throughout the enterprise.

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