Innovation Research Interchange (formerly the Industrial Research Institute) is an inclusive membership organization with nearly 200 global members in private-sector companies and federally funded laboratories. Founded in 1938, we lead and advance the field of innovation management by creating contemporary practices. Some of the world’s most widely adopted models – such as “open innovation,”  “front end of innovation,” and “stage-gate” – were born from the work of our members.  We value strength in cooperation and partner with other organizations at the forefront of developments in innovation management, creating a hub for all to convene and contribute in an experimental, noncompetitive, and noncommercial environment

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Thursday March 19, 2020 4:30pm
Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) will cancel the 2020 Annual Conference originally scheduled for May 12-15, in Philadelphia, PA. There is...
Wednesday March 11, 2020 11:00am
IRI is taking action to help protect both you and our employees during the COVID-19 outbreak while continuing to move forward with our mission to advance innovation management. This year, we have...
Monday January 06, 2020 9:15am
The following is a collection of all reports, presentations, and articles produced by IRI programs in 2019. Make sure you are logged in to view all of the content. If you do not know your IRIweb...


Monday November 06, 2017 3:45pm
Five years ago, IRI celebrated its 75th anniversary by looking back over our accomplishments and envisioning what the next 75 years will bring. Through the decades, our organization has kept pace...
Sunday October 08, 2017 11:30am
Why are eco-design tools typically only brought into the new product development life cycle when another design already exists and needs to be improved? Thomas Marting, this year's Maurice Holland...
Wednesday August 02, 2017 4:00pm
See how MITRE's Marcie Zaharee began her career and how it developed throughout her life. Read the official recap from IRI's 2017 CTO Forum. And, make sure to check out the details regarding the 2017...

R&D Trends

IRI R&D Trends Forecasts

PDF icon2016 Global R&D Funding Forecast  (in partnership with R&D Magazine)

PDF icon2016 R&D Trends Report

PDF icon2015 Trends Report

PDF icon2014 Trends Report

PDF icon2013 Trends Report

PDF icon2012 Trends Report


R&D Trends Forecasts from Around the Globe

The following R&D Trends Forecasts were published from members of The World Federation of Industrial Research Associations (W-FIRA).  W-FIRA is the first organization of its type, and its mission is to increase and develop cooperation on a global scale to further the leadership of technological innovation throughout the world.  Members of W-FIRA are: AIRG, Anpei, EIRMA, JRIA, KOITA, and IRI.


PDF icon2016 AIRG Strategic R&D Priorities and Trends in Australia
Ken Mirams, President, Australasian Industrial Research Group (AIRG)

Australia has continued to experience economic growth however there have been shifts in some sectors like Mining, Food and Automotive sectors which will impact the Manufacturing sector, SME’s and R&D moving forward.

PDF icon2015 Strategic Research Priorities and R&D Trends in Australia
Leonie Walsh, President, Australasian Industrial Research Group (AIRG)

Current trends indicate that Australia is experiencing a significant evolution within core sectors of the economy. Australia is experiencing a move to more of a knowledge-based economy. This transition has increased the focus on how innovation and technology will play a key role in managing the transitions within these sectors and contribute to building new industries that will prosper in a competitive global economy.



PDF icon2015 Brazilian Trends Regarding the Development of Science, Technology and Innovation
Gerson Valenca PintoI President, National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (Anpei)

Overall, Brazil is optimistic about future innovation but will need to address structural challenges to unlock the innovation potential of the country.



PDF iconResearch, Develoment and Innovation: Europe 2016
Michel Crispi, Secretary General, EIRMA

European funds for research and innovation activities are distributed between several interlinked EU programs. For the current period (2014-20), the main program, Horizon 2020 (the eighth framework program for research and innovation), started in 2014, is fully dedicated to funding such activities across all policy fields.

PDF iconResearch, Development and Innovation: Europe 2015
D.M Judkiewicz,Secretary General, European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)

Horizon 2020 is the largest European R&D framework program since the early days of the European community.  It is structured along three pillars -- excellent research; industrial leadership; and grand societal challenges.



Iee Hwan Kim, Executive Deputy Chairman, Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)

The world economy is expected to continue slow growth in 2016, with decreased world trade owing to slowed growth of the Chinese market, and financial crises looming for emerging markets due to the raising of interest rates by the United States. Whereas Korean economy is maintaining gradual growth as a result of improved domestic consumption, forecasts are not bright due to reduced exports as a result of the global economic slowdown.

PDF icon2015 Outlook for Industrial R&D Investment
Iee Hwan Kim, Executive Deputy Chairman, Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)

The world economy has been recovering at a slow pace since the second quarter of 2013 as the national debt of developed countries is gradually restructured following the economic slump in 2011, and this trend is expected to continue through 2014. The global economy’s road to the recovery paints a bright picture that the Korean economy in 2014 will improve compared to 2013, but some difficulties are also expected.

IRI is governed by an elected Board of Directors, operating under a Constitution and By-Laws formulated by the membership.
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