Research - Achieving Sustainable Innovation

2011 - 2012


Report-out Member Summit 2012


What are the cultural and behavioral elements that drive and sustain innovation over the long term? What are the common reoccurring themes that drive innovation across industries with large R&D expenditures?  An IRI project addressed these questions.  Data gathering and analysis were carried out, in large part, by the Keck Graduate Institute student team with the backing of Eli Lilly and the consulting expertise of IDEO. The project concluded in May 2012 with a report and presentation of findings.


Carl Garner, Eli Lilly    
June Gidman, Chevron 
Paul Skatrud, Monsanto 
Sam Deutsch, ExxonMobil  

Keck Graduate Institute Student Team    
Ryan McComb 
Cijan Feng 
Selena Guggavakin
Durgalaxmi Ramachandhiramani