Research - Business Models for Collaboration



Report out, Member Summit 2011

Research-on-Research Reports, RTM, Volume 53, Issue 6, 2010


The Business Models for Collaborative Relationships working group was initiated to create taxonomy of business models used for collaborative relationships and to identify the key parameters for business models that correlate with success.

A business model describes the logic and principles that a firm uses to generate revenues. When two firms come together in a collaborative research agreement, their logic and principles may not be the same. Each participant must understand how the parties’ business models mesh and what model they will use to enter the marketplace.

While business models are a mature topic, there has been limited work exploring how business models impact collaborations, or provide vehicles for monetizing assets that do not fit with the firm’s current business models. This group explored the impact of business models on each segment of the collaborative research life-cycle and acknowledges best practices for entering and evaluating such relationships.



Spencer Pugh, Battelle
Scott Mathews, Boeing
Ed Hummel, Alcatel-Lucent

Subject Matter Experts

Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University
Ernest Gilmont, University of Pennsylvania