Research - Measuring R&D Effectiveness

2005 - 2008 


Technology Value Program


Often referred to as the “metrics” team, this team spent several years enhancing the Technology Value Program (TVP).  TVP is a tool to enhance the effectiveness of R&D by providing a framework for selecting a small number of appropriate metrics.  The TVP describes 50 various metrics a company may use to assess and measure their R&D. 

The original TVP was developed within IRI in 1995 (RTM, Vol. 38, No. 5, 1995, p. 22). Our team set out to reevaluate if the metrics used in 1995 are still the relevant metrics being used by IRI member companies today.  Our research turned out some interesting, and unexpected results.  Not only did we find that the same metrics are still relevant, perhaps at different levels, but we found a statistical difference between the metrics chosen by various industries.  Therefore, overall, IRI member companies still use the same 50 metrics, however, each industry may prefer a different selection of metrics within the broader set. 


Dan Plummer  - Sasol North America
Johann Venter – Champion Technologies
Subject Matter Experts
Alan Fusfeld – The Fusfeld Group
Larry Schwartz – Intellectual Assets