Research - R&D Lab of the Future

2007 - 2010 


Report out Member Summit 2010


Many of us have grand ideas of the technology that will be available in 10-20 years.  The path bringing those ideas to reality takes its course directly through the R&D laboratory.  Thinking of how innovation is expected to shape the future of technology, how do we make decisions today that will encourage and prepare us for the future?  ROR’s work team R&D Lab of the Future examined this critical and interesting issue.  Through member surveys, the team determined some of the features which characterize the R&D lab of the future – e.g. “virtual” labs, pro-sumers produce their own goods, all workers are independent contractors, effective virtual collaboration – and identified possible drivers and constraints.


Rich Antcliff – NASA Langley Research Center
Eri k Whalen-Pedersen - Kraft
Subject Matter Experts
Alden Bean - North Carolina State University
“Sam” Jelinek– William and Mary
April Cantwell - North Carolina State University CIMS