Front End of Innovation Survey, Probe and Intervention of Effective Practices



Survey results and assessment tool


Building on the IRI Process Effectiveness Network (PEN)’s New Concept Development (NCD) Model, FEI-SPI identified best practices for incremental, platform and radical project. FEI-SPI’s objectives were to:

• Identify best practices, tools and metrics for managing the front end of innovation. This team built on work by the IRI Process Effectiveness Network (PEN) on the New Concept Development (NCD) Model. Preliminary best practice results from forty companies and implications were discussed.
• Determine key FEI skills and activities that lead to robust growth and profitability.
• Examine assessment tools and metrics


Becky Seibert Crompton
Drew Kugler WelchAllyn
Subject Matter Experts
Peter Koen – Stevens Institute of Technology
Elko Kleinschmidt  McMaster University