IP Strategies in a Changing Environment



Office presentation icon Report out, May 2005


This group was formed to study development of Intellectual Property (IP) Strategies in Changing Business and Legal Environments.  The customer of the work is those in R&D and management who are accountable for business, technical and IP strategy.

The group focused on patents and trade secrets and evaluated how trademarks and copyright touch these areas:   

  • Background, History, Tools:  How do countries change their  IP strategy over time?  How do changes in the rules change the game?  What are the tools?  How do they differ?
  • Business Models and Environment:  What are the models?  How is this linked to business and technical strategy?  Why would you embrace one strategy versus the other?  What is the effect of Patents Trolls and Auctioneers?
  • Organizational Structure, Strategy and Monitoring the Competitive Landscape:  What is the impact of changing and Converging Technologies and Markets?  What is the impact of Standards? What is the impact of the trend to open source?


Stewart Witzeman, Eastman Chemical
Paul Germeraad, Intellectual Assets
John Tao, Air Products