Knowledge Management

1998 - 2000


RTM article 2001 "Knowledge Management in R&D", Volume 44, issue 4, p 28-48


Objective: develop information to better understand knowledge management and its application to R&D

This project was launched in 1998 with the development of a knowledge-flow framework and a list of issues related to information flow in R&D. A survey format was then created and used in interviews of R&D leaders in 19 member companies of IRI. Findings were analyzed in three parts: (1) knowledge flow and facilitating practices; (2) enablers of knowledge management (KM); and (3) implementation of KM for maximum impact. A comprehensive paper covering these findings was published in RTM during 2001.  Further work was to develop best practices for web-enablement of KM processes. IRI's Semi-Annual Meetings in 1999-2000 focused on tools and practices for KM in the innovation process. In addition, highlights of the subcommittee's findings to date were presented in a Special Interest Session on "Knowledge Flow in R&D" at the 2001 IRI Annual Meeting.