Research - Management of Explosive Technologies

2003 - 2005


  • Publications, discussions, networks, collaborations

  • Processes, Understanding and Tools for successful innovation

  • Special Interest Session and Workshop in November 05


This Working Group investigated issues IRI members face in dealing with an explosion of new or emerging technologies as they attempt to adopt these into their innovation efforts. Nanotechnology was used as a case study. The subcommittee worked closely with the Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS) at North Carolina State University, and published the paper “Social Networks Key to Harnessing Nanoscience Knowledge Explosion,” May-June 2006 RTM


Martha Collins – Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Rich Chapas – Pacific NW Labs (Batelle)
Fred Klaessig – DeGussa
Subject Matter Experts
Angus Kingon – North Carolina State University
Lynda Aiman – North Carolina State University