R&D Structures in a Changing World

2004 - 2005


Summary of Management in the New Economy (MINE) survey results. Interpretation for IRI member companies. New management tool for mapping the evolution of R&D organization structures.

PDF icon Research-Technology Management article (Volume 49 Issue 5 2006).

Office presentation icon Special Interest Session (SIS) presentation - November 05


This working group examined how R&D organizational structures are evolving in today’s changing business environment. Working with Montreal Polytechnic and North Carolina State University, they conducted survey-based research on R&D structures, especially the driving factors and companies’ experience with certain structures. The May 2005 session examined results for about 500 companies.


The Working Group’s objective was to combine IRI research on Innovation Games with research on R&D organization structure, and thereby identify trends and actionable guidelines for managing R&D structures and competencies that support an organization’s market and technology strategy.


Tom Tirpak
Larry Schwartz
David Kashdan