Integration of Technology Planning with Business Strategy

(Develop self-assessment matrix to identify performance level of companies based on several key elements of the planning process)

Addressing one of the key factors for business success of a firm, the first subcommittee on this topic identified the essential elements to be: (1) making the technology organization an equal partner with the business units in the planning process, and (2) following a structured process for technology and business planning. A structured process was developed in the form of a self-assessment matrix that was introduced at the 1995 IRI Annual Meeting. That meeting devoted two General Sessions to the topic of strategic integration. Further efforts in this seminal project led to the production of an extremely valuable hour-long video presenting best practices in six member companies, accompanied by a PDF icon Facilitator's Notebook that includes the self-assessment matrix for use in reviewing the video, in steps, with individuals from both R&D and business units.