Partnering in R&D

(Determine conditions conducive to "win-win" corporate partnerships in technology development)

Initial findings of this project were presented in a Special Interest Session at the 1988 Fall Meeting. It was emphasized that alliances were changing the R&D function and that technical leaders would need to develop the skills necessary to manage these relationships. Additional work focused on 10 strategic partnerships to determine the management factors that led to success or failure. A paper listing 10 principles for managing strategic partnerships between large and small firms was published in RTM during 1993.  The topic of partnering has continued to be addressed in IRI. Two general sessions at IRI's 1994 Annual Meeting focused on "Innovating with Partners" and "Changing Strategies in Innovative Alliances." IRI's Semi-Annual Meetings in 1999-2000 examined "New Pathways to Innovation through Alliances and Connections." In addition, several IRI Tutorials have been held on this topic in recent years, most recently in 2001.