Personnel Policies and Practices

(Study influence of compensation and non-monetary incentives on productivity)

Based on a survey of its membership, IRI had issued a position statement on "Recognition and Awards for Industrial Innovation" in 1979. The statement addressed the issue of appropriate compensation to inventors. An ROR Subcommittee followed this project with a survey of member companies on their practices in recognizing outstanding performance of all types, not just inventions. Findings were presented in a report to the membership during 1982. A 60% response rate to the survey indicated the high level of interest in this topic. It was found that the most common special awards were money, followed by published recognition, a banquet, a certificate, stock, non-cash gifts, and emblems. A large fraction of the respondents, 76%, used the dual ladder. Workshops on "Career Decision Management for R&D Professionals" were held in 1988 and 1989 for R&D staff in member companies. In 1990, ROR sponsored a Special Interest Session on "Reward Strategies for R&D" at the IRI Fall Meeting and a paper on this topic was published in RTM in 1992.