Research - Measuring of R&D Effectiveness on Company Productivity

(Provide a model of sustained innovation and accountability)
R&D's role in the innovation process can be meaningfully represented by a hierarchy of managerial factors (the Technology Value Pyramid) that provide the foundations, links to strategy and financial outcomes for the corporation. The recognition of these TVP factors, together with an assembled menu of metrics, allows the model to be used to track the contribution to innovation performance at different levels of the TVP. The TVP model can be used to track the performance both prospectively and retrospectively, to diagnose weaknesses in the R&D organization and to plan for improvement in R&D contribution to the corporation. The various R&D stakeholders have different interests and perspectives on the innovation process, and these are accommodated by the TVP model and the menu of metrics.

The original TVP was developed within IRI in 1995 and updated in 2008.