Value Innovation IV

2006 - 2009


RTM Article, "Identify Your Innovation Enablers and Inhibitors", Nov-Dec 2008

Report Out 


Value Innovation means innovation across the entire value chain; consistently delivering exceptional value to most important customer in value chain. 

- Value Innovation I identified Value Innovation (VI) as the key to continued corporate profitability and market value.
- Value Innovation II developed a psychometrically-validated tool to measure an organization’s “Value IQ.”
- Value Innovation III looked at the results from the VIQ tool based on the experience of four companies.
- Value Innovation IV linked the VIQ tool to actions/ interventions that can be taken in an organization.
Tom Balsano (Solvay Advanced Polymers)
Nina Goodrich (Alcan)
Dick Lee (Value Innovations)
Jack Miley (Milliken Chemicals)
Dave Roberts (Air Products)