Research - Outsourcing Innovation

2006 - 2007


RTM article, "Effective Practices for Sourcing Innovation", Jan/Feb 2009


This Working Group #06-3 sought to identify best practices for accessing and leveraging external innovation.  It conducted Roundtable discussions, presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting, and later published an RTM article.  It focused on outsourcing (external sourcing) of innovation for the purpose of supplementing rather than substituting for internal R&D, and did not extend to the somewhat related subject of outsourcing R&D for cost driven reasons (see Working Group #04-1).  


Ernest R. Gilmont, Emeriti, Co-Chair
Amitabh Gupta, Praxair, Co-Chair
Edward M. Hummel, Lucent Technologies, Co-Chair
Subject Matter Expert
Gene Slowinski – Rutgers