Research - Accessing Internal Knowledge


There is an emerging corporate need for knowledge management that is largely unrecognized.  Many companies recognize this too late after tackit knowledge is lost to the organization.  This ROR is investigating organizational practices that facilitate the exchange of knowledge across boundaries within an organization and ranks the practices in regards to their utility for tacit knolwedge.      

The working group's aim is to identify: best practices for accessing knowledge, novel approaches that emphasize learning and innovation and strategic/systemic perspectives of the portfolio of practices for surpassing a range of intra-organization barriers. Initial work has focused on 1) organizational practices that facilitate knowledge exchange; 2) the concept of tacit knowledge; and 3) the issue of organizational barriers to knowledge transfer. 

The group is seeking feedback on a maturity model for knowledge transfer and how the model could be developed into a tool for companies to measure the progress of their organizational learning/knowledge transfer maturity. 

Member Summit Insights

Companies that are successful in the knowledge management space will make the connections between knowledge management, training and innovation. The ROR group is developing a matrix of practices that facilitate the transfer of tacit knowledge identifying which practices are best to transfer specific types of knowledge and which are best to overcome specific organizational barriers.  Member companies can utilize the matrix to select the best practices to develop as one part of their knowledge management program. 

The ROR working group is developing a maturity model on which they would like to obtain member feedback.



Terry Fetterhoff, Roche Diagnostics

Natalie Schoch, Kellogg Company

Steve Repinec, Colgate-Palmolive Company


Subject Matter Expert 

Rob McNamee, Temple University


Member Companies represented


Air Products

BASF Corp.

Bayer MaterialScience











LG Chemicals

Sabic Americas

Schneider Electric


US Army Research Lab