Research - Advanced Marketing Through R&D

2005 - 2006


Office presentation icon Report out Annual Meeting 2007

PDF icon Aligning Marketing and Technology to Drive Innovation, RTM, Volume 52, Issue 5, 2009


Being first to market with advanced technology solutions that satisfy unarticulated, unmet customer needs can result in very high margin products and services.  This ROR set out to:

  1. Investigate 25-30 companies of various sizes and types
  2. Organizational structure and incentives supporting the value proposition
  3. How do you marry technical push and market pull?   Where on the continuum do you operate?
  4. What techniques/tools/processes do you use?
  5. Focus on near- to far-adjacency, with significant technology development.  No focus on core (incremental products).


Ron Cotterman, Sealed Air
Tony Metoyer, Boeing
Kerry Leeburn, Eastman Chemical
Jonathon Leder, Novozymes
Carl Loweth, John Deere
Subject Matter Experts
Alan Fusfeld, The Fusfeld Group
Susan Ward, ITECS