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Technology Value Program

19-5 New Product Study - Portfolio Management

19-1 Balancing Risk in the R&D Portfolio

18-3 Innovation Governance

18-2 Innovation Dashboard Metrics

17-1 Brilliant Failures

16-5 Recruiting and Retaining Early Career Technical Talent

16-4 Career Paths for Innovation

16-1 Product Design for Mass Customization

15-9 Adding Sustainability to the NPD Toolbox

15-8 Using Experts to Support the Global Flow of Knowledge

15-7 Developing and Monetizing a Long Term Vision for R&D

15-6 IRI2038 Everything's in Beta 

15-5 Lean Start-up in Large Organizations

15-4 Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management:  Virtual Experimentation & Simulation

15-3 Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management:  Collaboration

15-1 Digitalization and its Implications for R&D Management:  Big Data

13-8 Three Roads to Innovation   

13-7 Pragmatic Analytics for Managing Project Risks   

13-6 Pursuing Whitespace Opportunities    

13-X Generational Differences in R&D Leadership Expectations

13-5 Innovation Culture 

13-3 Sustainability-Driven Innovation   

13-2 Weak Ties and Innovation   

13-1 Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships   

12-4 IRI Opportunity Cartography

12-3 Technology Scouting    

12-1 Shortage of Strategic Metals

12-0 IRI2038 Futures Study

11-8 Achieving Sustainable Innovation    

11-7 Sustainability Maturity Model

11-6 Social Networking    

11-5 Managing Global R&D Networks  

11-2 Virtual Teams  

11-1 Accessing Internal Knowledge

10-3 Institutionalizing Innovation Competencies  

10-2 Identifying Breakthrough Opportunities

09-2 Business Models for Collaborative Relationships 

09-1 Collaboration Continuum 

08-4 Business Model Innovation Challenges                              

08-3 Sustainability in R&D

08-2 Gender Diversity in Technology Leadership

08-1 R&D Leadership Skills and Styles 

07-5 Level 5 Innovation

07-4 IP In Open Innovation

07-3 R&D Lab of the Future

07-2 Innovation Portfolio Management

07-1 Tech Transfer

06-3 Outsourcing Innovation

06-2 Leveraging Thought Diversity for Innovation

06-1 Value Innovation IV

06-0 Sharing Ideation Methodologies / Concepts

05-8 Integrating Marketing and R&D

05-6 US Innovation Competitiveness

05-5 Advanced Marketing in R&D

05-4 Utilization of Top Technical Talent

05-3 IP Strategies in Changing Environments

05-2 Measuring R&D Effectiveness

05-1 IT and Innovation

04-3 R&D Structure in a Changing World

04-2 FEI: Survey, Probe & Intervention of Effective Practices

04-1 Sourcing External Innovation

03-6 Value Innovation III

03-5 Know How & Trade Secrets

03-4 Critical Skills / Retirement Bubble

03-3 Integrated Technical Planning

03-2 Management of Explosive Technologies

03-1 Evaluating Project Selection Criteria

02-4 Best Practices in Value Extraction

02-3 Innovation Through Collaboration

02-2 Leveraging VC Practices

02-1 Value Innovation II

01-2 Radical Innovation III

01-1 Knowledge Management II

00-2 VC Models

00-1 Positioning R&D for Business Growth

99-7 Value of Technology

99-8 Technology and Business Integration

99-7 Value Creation from Value Innovation

99-6 R&D Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

99-5 Metrics for the Fuzzy Front End

99-4 Radical Innovation

99-3 Discontinuous Innovation II

99-2 Technology Planning II

99-1 Knowledge Management

98-1 Global R&D

97-3 Effective Use of Psychometric Style Measures in Technology Management

97-2 Managing R&D for Business Growth

97-1 Achieving Higher Productivity Through Employee Satisfaction

96-4 Assessing External Technology

96-3 Technological Intelligence

96-2 Doing R&D Globally

96-1 Metrics for Improving the Technical Innovation Process

95-5 R&D Portfolio Evaluation

95-2 Discontinuous Innovation

95-1 Information Technology

91-1 R&D Database


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Continuing Education in R&D

Creativity - Productivity - Strategy

Global Management of Technology

Idea Management

Innovation Research Groups

Integration of Technology Planning with Business Strategy

Management of Computers in R&D

Managing Cultural Change in the Laboratory

Measuring of R&D Effectiveness on Company Productivity

Mining the Federal Technology Ore Body

Partnering in R&D

Personnel Policies and Practices


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