Research - Collaboration

Early 2015 - October 2016


Digitalizing Collaboration

Digitalization and R&D: Collaboration Report Out- The Future of R&D Collaboration in the Digital Age, 2016 Member Summit

Digitalization and R&D: Collaboration blog  

R&D Collaboration in the Digital Era, 2015 Member Summit 

R&D Collaboration in the Digital Era, Project Team Research Plan and Directions, 2015 Annual Meeting

Digitalization and R&D: Collaboration, 2015 Winter Meeting 


Research approach

  • Immersive environment- virtual environment, gaming-a closer experience to the physical team work
  • Virtual vs. physical:
    • The generational gap
    • Cisco tools and others (“beam”- the “skype” robot)
    • Google internal tools (advanced “hangout”)
  • “Boundariless” collaboration: Ecosystem hyper-collaboration - what will be the tools to support such collaboration?
  • Hollywood model -on demand collaboration
    • What are the tools and processes that support this model?
    • Reputation economy and elements for finding talent- badges, gaming around reputation, quantitative reputation
  • Data Centric tools: How do we collaborate when Big Data is involved? How do we share data?



Stephanie Orellana, NineSigma
Felicia Ng, Carnegie Mellon University
Terry Rosenstiel, USG
Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, NYU Stern School of Business