Research - Early ID of Disruptive Technologies

February 2011 - Member Summit 2012

This group is exploring the most effective processes for identifying disruptive technologies early enough for businesses to benefit from the opportunity or to prepare a defense. The project objectives are to identify best practices used to understand the leading indicators of disruptive technologies and identify the implications to innovation leaders.  The group is looking for members to share experiences to answer the question, "How can we identify disruptive technologies before they happen? "  Members are asked to share their insights to the following questions: 

  • Has your company developed disruptive technology?
  • Was it identified in advance of becoming disruptive?
  • Are you aware of any case studies to help us uncover any clues?
  • Has your company been affected by a disruptive technology?
  • Did you not see it coming?  How did you respond?


Member Summit Insights

Identifying a technology that has the potential to disrupt your business early enough is only part of the issue. There is a significant issue dealing with the implications to the organization; from how the information is communicated, to its impact on the core competencies that a company currently has. 

• Utilize the concept of "function" when analyzing potential technologies that can disrupt your business
• Consider "parallel universes" when searching for possible disruptive technologies