Research - Innovation Governance

September 2018 - present


Whitepaper - Coming soon!

Value Proposition:

This project examines key considerations that shape how organizations define their innovation structure(s) and governance necessary to help shape and manage innovation activities within those structures.

The key questions are:

  1. What are the appropriate organizational structures (teams, activities and programs) for the innovation we need to accomplish?
  2. For each organizational structure that is deployed, what is the best governance model to ensure successful innovation?


The team has held two sessions with the Innovation Leaders' Network to explore the topic and solicit feedback from IRI members.  The data that will be presented in the white paper was the result of a survey of the IRI membership.  A second phase of the project, using case studies to inform a maturity matrix is being considered.


Jeffrey Phillips, RTI International

Mike Blackburn, Cargill

Michael Blades, National Gypsum

Tim Dennison, Sealed Air