Research - Three Roads to Innovation The Future of Talent Management



Report Out Presentation at October 2014 IRI Member Summit


The Hollywood Model: Leveraging the Capabilities of Freelance Talent to Advance Innovation and Reduce Risk


IRI commissioned the IRI2038 project to discover trends, extrapolate their implications and integrate the findings into our current thinking, planning for potential responses.  One of the resulting four scenarios, titled “The Three Roads to Innovation”, identified three paths toward innovation that society might choose in the era of virtual work and prize driven motivation. 

This project investigated Talent Management situations that could result from the “Hollywood R&D” path in which many corporations try to maximize creativity and minimize risk by adopting a model similar to Hollywood movie studios, where a small production team manages a large pool of freelance talent.


Kim Miller, Cargill
Ted Farrington, Pepsico
Rich Antcliff, NASA Langley

Subject Matter Experts
Larry Schwartz, Intellectual Assets, Inc.