Research - Virtual Experimentation & Simulation

Early 2015 - October 2016


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Digitalization and R&D: Virtual Experimentation & Simulation Report-Out, 2016 Member Summit

Virtual Experimentation & Simulation: Digitalization and R&D, 2015 Annual Meeting

Virtual Experimentation & Simulation, 2015 Winter Meeting 


Research Approach

  • What principles should an R&D organization use to determine when to leverage VE&S, especially from a confidence and value perspective?
    • From the individual scientist/engineer’s or a project’s perspective (short term, tactical)
    • From the management’s perspective (long term, strategic)
  • What are the best practices and pitfalls in leveraging VE&S for companies? Two types of companies should be targeted:
    • Companies that use VE&S because they have to (such as pharmaceuticals and aeronautics, because the value is obvious, and presumably everyone in their industry leverages VE&S, else they lose competitiveness)
    • Companies that leverage VE&S, but they don’t have to (presumably they are the minority in their industry, but somehow found value in doing so)
  • What new business capability and/or opportunity could be created in the next 5-10 years when VE&S is combined with other technological advancement?



AJ Rao, USG Corporation
Anita Friis Sommer, The LEGO Group
Steve Moskowitz, Entegris