2016 Brown Bag – Tech Scouting Best Practices with Dow

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Joe Granda, Vahid Aidun
Technology Scouting
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2016 Brown Bag – Tech Scouting Best Practices with Dow

Learn how to find, evaluate, and manage scouting opportunities that build a strategic advantage for your firm. Find out what mistakes companies often make in their scouting process and discover easy ways to avoid them. Enjoy greater coordination and consistency by your scouts, leading to stronger partnerships and higher efficiencies across your organization.

This session is appropriate for technology scouts, R&D leaders, product management, and innovators. It is valuable for those currently involved in open innovation and external technology sourcing in their business and for those just getting started with technology scouting as a new innovation tool. A live question and answer session at the end will let you discuss topics of the most interest and benefit to you.

What the audience will learn:
– Best practices for consistently evaluating technologies and partners
– How to streamline finding technologies and receiving submissions
– Tips for gaining insights from interaction and reports