2020 Annual Conference – Ideation to H2 Opportunity Portfolio

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Scott H. Mathews, Stephanie Hartwig
Portfolio Management, Strategic Planning, Managing Innovation and R&D
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2020 Annual Conference

This session serves as the launch for a new IRI research project: Ideation to H2 Opportunity Portfolio. In this session, you will learn about what the project entails and what you and your organization can learn from participating in it. We believe a gap exists between the well-exercised processes of Horizon 3 Ideation (H3: 5+ years) portfolio and Horizon 1 Stage-Gate (H1: 1-2 years) project portfolio. Our focus is to bridge that gap – the meager-performing Horizon 2 Opportunity Portfolio (H2: 3-5 years).

Some IRI companies successfully manage the gap, while others struggle. What hasn’t worked and why? What has worked? Yes, H2 is about developing a compelling story and business case aligned to a strategy. That task is a difficult achievement for many organizations given the uncertainty 3 – 5 years out. But there are other issues that hamper H2 performance: H2 is squeezed out of portfolio allocation, usurped by H1 priorities, and technology development resources are mostly restricted to H3 activities. And H2 managers may find themselves in no-man’s land with limited advancement opportunities. After all, their H2 projects won’t see the light of day for several years, and by then they may have been transferred to other duties. Are there other challenges? Organizational?, Resources?, Cultural?…

By leveraging insights from adjacent industries (biotech and pharmaceutical – Enrich Consulting), and illuminating the best practices of member IRI companies and where are the stumbling blocks, we believe we can provide knowledgeable guidance to IRI companies to help successfully navigate the H2 gap and advance compelling, qualified prospects into H1 portfolios.