A Top Down and Bottom Up Approach to Sustainability: Thought Leader Interview with Jami Haaning and Wojtek Osowiecki, Lam Research

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Audio Presentation/Podcast
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Jami Haaning, Wojtek Osowiecki, Lee Green
Leading Innovation Organizations, Sustainability and ESG
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Raising Sustainability to New Heights at Boeing

April 2023

Learn how Lam Research has harnessed their staff’s enthusiasm for sustainability and enabled great strides toward their environment, social, and governance (ESG) goals through the creation of a Sustainability Employee Resource Group (ERG). Jami Haaning, Director of ESG, and Wojtek Osowiecki, Product Marketing Engineer and founder and chair of Lam Employee Sustainability Community (LESC), will discuss Lam’s unique top down and bottom up approach to sustainability and share lessons learned that can be applied to all organizations looking to meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Wojtek (pronounced “Voytek”) Osowiecki joined Lam Research in 2019 as a process engineer. He is the founder and chair of Lam Employee Sustainability Community (LESC), an employee resource group devoted to environmental sustainability with over 500 members. Wojtek works in product marketing for the Etch Product Group, where he is responsible for the ESG and Equipment Intelligence® product roadmaps. He previously served as vice president of the Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative. He is a 2018 Siebel Scholar in energy science and won the “Cleantech to Market” program at UC Berkeley’s HAAS Business School. Wojtek holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from UC Berkeley and a joint B.S. and M.S. degree in chemistry from Yale University.

Jami Haaning is the director of environment, social and governance (ESG) at Lam Research, responsible for managing ESG strategy and reporting, and leading the company’s net zero roadmap. She has worked in the sustainability field for more than 15 years, specializing in ESG reporting and environmental sustainability. She believes corporations have a unique opportunity to create a positive impact through ESG initiatives and investments and is grateful she can contribute. Jami holds a B.S. degree in environmental science from Indiana University Bloomington and an M.S. in sustainability leadership from Portland State University.