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What is your awards practice for crowdsourcing events?

Often crowdsourcing events offer an award for winners, but have a closed or non-collaborative response structure.  We are looking at the option of an event with an open collaborative response structure and would like to learn more about best practices for awards in such an event.

Survey Responses

Do you use crowdsourcing - bar chart

2. “Other” responses:

  • Product idea 
  • internal business processes & culture

5.  If you answered enhancements to the previous question, at what levels do you award ideas? 

  • Mostly name recognition.
  • In the rules, we state clearly that we are giving the prize in 2 parts:  upon selection of the idea and the second after co-creation with us and delivery of a functional prototype.
  • When we run global challenges across the enterprise, cash awards of typically $100 are given for the accepted ideas, and also 2-3 individuals that exemplified a commendable level of collaboration.