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As a large industrial corporation, we are eager to improve employee development to maintain a dynamic workforce. We currently have a formalized development program that offers social events, continuing education, awareness of business and corporate functions, and employee development. We are seeking information as to what companies do to set up and support formal mentorship programs.

How do you connect or assign mentors with mentees?

5. If you could change anything about a mentorship program you have participated in, what would you change to improve it?
  • Past versions of our program were weak on expectations and accountability of mentors.   We are purposefully trying to cultivate more of a mentoring culture now, and expect all directors and many senior managers to be mentors, and also heightened HR’s accountability in managing the overall program.
  • More formalized mentor training and program managed from the center.
  • Communicate it better throughout the organization.
  • I haven’t, for now it is reserved for level 1 and 2 of the organization (C-levels and their direct reports)
  • We used to have a formal program administered by HR that fell by the wayside due to administrative reductions.  They kept a database of willing mentors and would help pair them with those high potentials identified as mentee’s.  They kept metrics as well as checked in with all parties to make sure expectations were being met.  Today, the process is informal which puts more burden on the mentor.  It still works well in some cases but I’m concerned it will atrophy over time.
  • Provide options to encourage more individuals to engage with mentors.
  • Educate people on what it means and the benefits – make it more broadly available.
  • We have both formal (Young Career Professionals) and informal (by request) mentoring. Would like to see a better system of recognizing the informal networking that happens.
  • More dedicated time to put recommendations into action.
  • Longer term follow-up and mentor/mentee touchpoints.
  • More topics on intrinsic corporate knowledge and experiences on addressing problems.
  • Provide tips & tricks for good mentoring conversations.
  • Raise its visibility a bit.
  • Broader usage
  • More latitude for mentees to ensure good personal fit with mentors.
  • Get HR involved.  Mentoring is crucial for new leaders.
  • Formalize the program.
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