Community Forum – How are you improving your team’s technical capability?

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Improving Technical capability for research and engineering employees is a key element in developing talent and driving company growth.  We are interested in learning how other companies are investing and developing research and engineering talent, how the impact of that training is measured and what is the culture of the RD&E community toward non-mandatory technical capability building.   The results will help us benchmark our L&D programs and guide us in how to improve our non-mandatory, technical capability building for Research and engineers. 


Question 7:   What technologies are you considering trying in 2020 for staff RD&E discretionary technical capability training?

  •, plus our internal online academy; for 2020 we are working to move more of our instructor-led trainings to an online, self-directed format. During 2019, we will be recording in-person trainings via Skype and then making the recordings available in the eAcademy.
  • Technology plays a minimal role – we have found in person events plus in person mentor experiences have greater impact.
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • AR/VR potential
  • Corrosion of reinforced concrete
  • None as yet
  • Same as 2019/2018
  • Intellectual Property, AGILE, KISSoft.

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