Community Forum – How are you monitoring regulatory trends?

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Innovation Research Interchange
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A: How are you monitoring emerging regulatory trends?

One of our members in the CPG industry is interested in how organizations are staying ahead of the shifting regulatory landscape. They are seeking industry best practices for regulatory intelligence, monitoring, and managing the flow of information and emerging issues/trends.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses

*Other responses

  • Alerts through subscribed services

4. If your selected sources of regulatory changes vary by geography – please do identify the geographic location for each:

  • Asia Pacific, the EU, Americas
  • Sources don’t change by region but they’re augmented by local┬ásources, particularly outside the US.
  • EU and US
  • We are global, so all matter. NA, EU, and Asia focused.
  • Key geographies are EU / China / US, but also other individual countries, e.g., Japan, Australia, UK, Korea,…

*Other responses

  • Decernis

      *Other responses

      • Webinars or calls with relevant business contacts
        • Regular meeting cadence with functional stakeholders and senior leaders
          • Monthly reviews with the sr staff
          • Several platforms have corporate regulatory groups integrated on their teams
          • Regulatory team meets with affected business unit leaders.

              *Other responses

              • Sustainability and Product Safety
                  • Compliance

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