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Our organization wants to benchmark with IRI peers regarding corporate fellows, the highest technical level within the organization, less than 1% of technical organization will reach this status, specifically regarding salary, bonus and role expectations.

 2. Other:  

  • Profit sharing plan based on annual results and payments based on long term performance of company stock
  • Our fellows are not eligible for bonuses beyond our standard compensation and ESOP plan – but we’re working on it.
  • No bonus
  • Incentive plans

Note:  Question 3 was broken down into two graphs to make the data easier to read.

3. Other:

  • They are peers to Sr Managers/Directors, have the same pay grade/salary band, same bonus and incentive opportunities, and are given the responsibility of setting the technical direction for the lab/labs they work in as part of their G&O. They have the same organization profile – on the technical side; they lead major initiatives, external research efforts, and trouble shoot critical problems.
  • Percentages vary as it is a personal appointment, not a generic role.
  • Production Project Issue Resolution
  • All four of these tasks are expected from a fellow, but the distribution is not fixed for each fellow.
  • Roughly 10% IP generation and management

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