Community Forum – How are your procurement teams structured?

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A: How are your procurement teams structured?

Our organization is looking to streamline communication between our R+D staff and procurement teams. We are interested in how other companies divide their procurement teams across regions and how this division impacts planning for future product updates. We are also interested in any best practices that have been developed to communicate with decentralized teams.

The results from this week’s survey are below.

Community Responses


  • Don’t know
  • As needed basis
  • depends on specific project needs — a liason is generally designated for each large project

5. If your procurement teams are decentralized, please share any best practices you have developed to ease communication between R&D and the procurement staff.

  • O365 TEAMS meeting, shared document collaboration space, one on meetings, just in time meetings.
  • Each technical organization has a key contact in the procurement organization
  • Honestly, it’s something we struggle with, so not sure that we have any best practices to share. For us it is easier to communicate with the region we work in, but have a more difficult time communicating with regions external to us.

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