Community Forum – How do you reduce SDS cycle time?

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At our organization, the process of creating safety data sheets (SDS’s) takes a long time and can be very complicated. We are interested in benchmarking with your organization regarding SDS cycle times.

How does your company create SDS's (safety data sheets)

If you translate SDS's into foreign languages, what is the cycle-time for Singapore?

What has your organization done to reduce SDS creation time?

  • Utilize automated SDS generation system connected to ERP system.
  • Biggest benefit came from putting one person in place who has the responsibility for shepherding the SDS request through the process.
  • Set aside specific time/day each week to work on SDS’s either new or updating/corrections.  Where limited resources exist bring on part time consultants to assist with this task.
  • We hired an outside consulting firm and they provide only this service for us.  We can turn around a typical SDS in 2 to 5 business days.  Complicated SDS’s of course take a bit longer.
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