Community Forum – How does your organization track time and resources? Pt. 2

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This is the second portion of the survey that was initially sent two weeks ago.  

Most approaches to portfolio management require some way of inputting the effort hours spent on a project.  Some companies require employees to report their time and attribute it to projects, others allow managers to estimate it for an entire organization, and others don’t track at all.  We are looking to understand how different companies approach the topic of time estimating and tracking.  


4. Regarding the topic of time tracking, do you have any comments about what works or does not work?

  • Sometimes difficult to account for overhead, administrative and managerial tasks.
  • We only track in arrears; we do not predict/track forward looking time, which is a big gap for us.
  • It works and has pre-built reporting on resources and by project or other attribute.
  • Small orgs don’t need to track with special software as hey have few people and few projects.
  • Employees estimate….some are better than others at tracking their time.
  • Easiest to do with task oriented groups, such as design labs and pilot plants as time is charged to projects.  More difficult to get project leaders and other members to track accurately by project.
  • The easier it is to input data. Allowance for relative flexibility on increments (30 minutes vs. 15 minutes) of time the higher compliance. If tracking costs tends to have negative impact on those who report true hours vs. estimated % hours.
  • As a global company, we have restrictions on what we can track due to Worker Council agreements, various country privacy laws, etc. We track time spent on projects, but we can’t use our software to track sum total of any individual person’s hours.
  • Allow the ability to track daily, weekly, but require by end of month the data gets entered.
  • Our primary concern is growth $ per FTE.  It is up to the technical manager to allocate resources appropriately.

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