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Can you recommend a consultant who can assess our overall R&D investment?

I am looking for some guidance/recommendations for consulting firms to complete an “optimized state” for our current global lab footprint. I have been charged with answering the question, “Are we optimizing our R&D investment so as to increase (maximize) our sales from new products (less than four years old)?”. I am hoping that your companies may have used a consultant on a similar project. I am interested in any feedback you may have to offer. – Global Director, large manufacturing company

Community Responses

Director, Large Plastics Company
We have used the services of Doug Wilson, founder of Blue Mango Innovation, and have been pleased with his assessment and recommendations.  He and his team developed a strategic roadmap and helped us develop an innovation strategy.

R&D Director, Specialty Chemical Manufacturer
The ACC issued an economic analysis in 2010 entitled “2010 ECONOMIC SURVEY OF AMERICAN CHEMISTRY COUNCIL MEMBERS” that contains this type of information.  I am not sure if it is publicly available, available for members, or available for purchase.  You might use this as a starting point.

Parry Norling, IRI Emeritus​
Two possibilities: Bill Miller (IRI Emeritus) or Jay Papp (See end of In Innovation, is Patience a Virtue? for some wise thoughts from Jay Papp.)

Albert Johnson, IRI Emeritus, Consultant, NanoMaterials Innovation Center​
I did this internally at Corning for years, with success.  Let’s see who (else) chimes in, though.

Larry J. Howell, Executive Director (retired, 2001), GM R&D Center, IRI Emeritus​
I suggest you contact Alan Fusfeld of the Fusfeld Group.  Alan’s group has many years experience advising companies in the area of technology management.  One approach used is to establish a technology advisory board comprised of a few consultants who have experience relevant to the needs of the customer.  I am currently serving on such a board with Alan, advising a global manufacturing company in the area of R&D management.

You might also wish to review a paper I wrote for IRI’s Research Technology Management Journal: Adapting GM to a New Corporate Strategy.  In it I describe a major reorganization of the General Motors R&D organization that led to improved product delivery with shorter time to market, more efficient use of resources, and more focus on business innovation through a new approach to initiating and managing exploratory projects.

Phil  Minerich, Vice-President, Research & Development, Hormel Foods Corp​
I’ve found George Young of Kalypso to be quite helpful with many of my questions.

Bhima  Vijayendran, Senior Research Leader / Vice President Business Development, Battelle​
I would recommend Drs. Joan  and Rich Adams with whom I have worked as part of my previous assignment for Battelle in developing and building an R&D footprint in Asia.  Adams and Adams Innovation Management has extensive experience in building laboratory capacity in both the domestic and international markets based on markets, products, and local science and technology knowledge.  The team has looked at global laboratories in the fields of energy, life sciences, and materials.  They have a strong international network of subject matter experts.  The two principals, Rich and Joan Adams, have a combined 77 years of experience in managing innovation.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Saurabh Sircar, Senior Business & Technology Strategist, Advanced Information Solutions, The Boeing Company​
I can highly recommend Dr. Daniel Zweidler.

Dr. Zweidler is a seasoned portfolio optimization professional having held senior executive positions at Shell and Merck. I have interacted with him on portfolio optimization issues and approaches through our interactions at the Mack Center for Technological Innovation at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. His perspectives from experience at Shell and Merck have been very valuable indeed.

John Homoelle, Director of New Technology & HERA, Michelman​
I just came from CoDev 2012, a conference on Open Innovation, and spoke to Gene Slowinski of Alliance Management Group about technology and open innovation road mapping, so he may be able to help you with this initiative.

Don Mueller, IRI Emeritus​
As a VP with Intellectual Assets, Inc., I provide this type of service. Having worked as VP of R&D at both USG and Ashland Chemical, I have direct experience in this area and can provide testimonials, as required.

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