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Fellow programs are one of many vehicles aimed to engage top R&D Talent. We are an organization looking to refresh our program and seeking insight on your organization’s program.  This includes how to engage fellows in a way that is beneficial to both them as top scientific talent but also the organization that values their contributions. While this is a specific ask about Fellow programs, any additional insight into engaging individual contributor R&D talent is welcome.


3. Beyond the basic salary grades/levels for individual contributors do you have a formal career path/track towards the top (i.e. Corporate Fellow)

  • No – (eight responses)
  • Yes responses:
  • Scientific Career Path has management circle levels and pay grades that mirror the more typical business career path. We have clear qualification criteria based on technical contributions.
  • Three levels self-nominated but with supervisor acknowledgement well defined criteria tracking of potential candidates.
  • It proceeds to Scientist -> Sr. Scientist to Associate, Fellow and then Corporate Fellow
  • Stair steps to from entry level to Fellow and Senior Fellow
  • Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist, Fellow, Senior Fellow
  • Including formal possibilities for executive level expert roles.
  • Formal path including mentoring of prospective fellows.
  • Our career path for IC’s includes RF so this is defined as part of the IC progression (titles, grades, expectations).  RF is differentiated by having ‘demonstrated significant commercial impact’ in addition to (and as opposed to) only technical achievement.
  • Just a set of levels (1-5); fellow is level 6. There is one higher level that is appointed by our parent organizations, typically reserved for internationally recognized scholars.
  • Fellow is recognized as an expert in at least one competency, has commercialization record, and cross organization influence. Senior fellow (1 or 2 in the company) recognized in significant role(s) strategically for the company in guiding investment decisions and leadership of growth opportunities critical to the company.

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