Community Forum – What is your approach to STEM?

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P&G recently staffed a Diversity & Inclusion role leading a STEM Coalition.  The intent of this work is to step change P&G’s internal & external presence supporting STEM engagement / proficiency for K-12-college students, with a more strategic approach.   The business intent is to strengthen our pipeline of diverse talent for P&G functions (e.g. R&D, Product Supply, IT, etc.) that require STEM mastery.   This work will also strengthen P&G reputation in key areas (Diversity, Gender Equality, Innovation) in line with P&G’s Citizenship agenda, and we expect it will strengthen employee health & culture by channeling untapped organization passion to serve.   P&G is seeking to understand similar programs and activities across the industry. 

1. Does your organization have an active internally or externally focused program to work on STEM proficiency in the community?

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