Community Forum – What new tools do your researchers use to do their jobs better & faster?

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Arkema has an initiative called the “innovation toolbox” where we are tasked with identifying tools or other ways of working to improve our ability to analyze, collaborate, document and communicate.  We believe that new tools are important way to help our researchers do their job faster/easier/better.  For example, it could be new patent analysis software, a new electronic notebook platform, new analytical method, et cetera.  We would like to hear which new research tools have helped you and would recommend for others to try.  


– Office 365 suite of tools: SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Skype for Business 
– AT&T Connect for Web Meetings 
– Deltasoft ChemCard 
– IDBS eWorkbook 
– Spotfire 
– Tableau


– SharePoint to exchange documents with external parties. 
– Kite drive for document pick up. 
– Google docs for real-time collaboration

3. Internal Facebook-style communication system for posting questions, comments, events, links to resources on the web.


– Ansys

– Catia

– Labview

– Azure


– SharePoint

– Lotus Notes

5. We are developing in-house tool


– SharePoint 
– Specially designed Hype platform for sharing of ideas 
– Technical expert finder tool for within the organization

7. We are in the process of implementing Stage-Gate methodology to help our researchers develop better value propositions for their projects and to focus resources on the most promising project to accelerate their commercialization.

8. We have used the SmartSheet collaboration tool with good success and we recently started using the M-Files tool for technical records.

9. We are just starting to use OneDrive for Business. It is a great way of having a team work on one document, all at the same time (like a technical report, project plan, monthly report) No more sequential editing and merging. Not sure its new, but it is working well for us!


– Lotus Notes databases and applications 
– Accolade by Sopheon 
– Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.) 
– Google Hangouts


– eNotebooks

– Skype for Business

– MS SharePoint 

– Internal innovation portal (customized)

– Reaxys

– SciFinder

– Totalpatent

12. Microsoft 365 – Teams

13. Lux Research

14. Accolade by Sopheon for NPD process deliverables and Stage Gate. Microsoft OneDrive for file collaboration. Ansys for FEA. We try to use Yammer for collaboration, but not very effectively. SolidWorks for mechanical design.


– Yammer 
– SharePoint 
– Intranet 
– Company Network 
– Communities of Practice 
– Electronic Lab Notebooks 
– Internal R&D University 
– Internal & External Publications 
– Skype 
– Videoconferencing 
– Instant Messaging 
– Internal Wiki 
– Open Workspace with Collaboration Zones 
– Free Coffee 
– Semantic Search Tools


– Skype for Business 

– SAP Jam 
– SAP / Cenit Connect PLM 
– Microsoft Outlook


– SharePoint 
– Imaginatik 
– Biovia Electronic Lab Notebook 
– Microsoft One Note


– Net present value calculation 
– Kindling (
– Quickbase project database 
– Miller Heiman methodology (Blue Sheets, Customer-confirmation of objectives)

19. Most of our recent tools have been focused on collaboration and communication: 
– Online R&D University – electronic learning module based environment 
– R&D Version of YouTube (internal tool) – designed to have the crowd share their ideas on how they do their work 
– Electronic lab notebooks 
– Yammer groups 
– VR – just started looking into