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Can you recommend a consultant?

Solazyme has developed an innovative technology that allows us to transform sugars into high-value triglyceride oils with compositions that are not available from natural oils ( ). We are searching for experts who understand markets where our oils can bring value, specifically in the areas of:

  • Lubricants
  • White oils/mineral oils
  • Solvents/Coalescing aids
  • Thin films (Paints/coatings/adhesives)

Do you have any recommendations of consultants, or suggestions for finding consultants? – Gypsy Achong and Walt Rakitsky, Solazyme, Inc.

Community Responses

Response 1
There are two service providers that can help identify specialty consultants: Your Encore and Gerson Lehrmon Group.  The difference is the former has a repertoire of retired specialists, while GLG draws from active professionals.  We have positive experience with both services and I would be happy to discuss our experiences further.

– Terry J Fetterhoff, Senior Director, Technology Management, Head, US Chief Technology Office, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Response 2
Doug Wilson of BlueMangoInnovation comes to mind.  He has experience as a consultant in large and small firms and has a background as PhD chemist

– Sue Burek, Manager, Research & Partnerships-CEES, Ingersoll Rand

Response 3
Maggie Baumann

– Bonnie Bachman, IRI Emeritus

Response 4
Neil Canter, Chemical Solutions

– David Rucker, Lord Corp.

Response 5
I would recommend trying to use YourEncore ( There may be more than one person that might have expertise in these areas or perhaps might span most of these areas, but they usually have a number of experts that are retired and can provide info as consultants.

– Steve Perri, Technology Development Manager, Eastman Chemical

Response 6
I received your inquiry from John Tao (IRI Emeritus), and would like to offer my services to the Solazyme team.  While working at the Weyerhaeuser Company as a Business Development Manager, I spent a considerable amount of time developing business cases and market intelligence for sugar based chemicals.  My focus was on value added markets, centered firmly on chemicals, not fuels.  I also spent time looking at naturally derived oils and fatty acids derived from the forest (specifically tall oil).   My work in this area and experience in looking for good segments for innovative new offerings should translate well for Solazyme.

Today, I am Principal of Argent Innovations LLC, an Innovation Consulting Firm, specializing in customized consultancy for innovation management, market and technology development, and project and product management.  I also provide services for commercial deployment and white space analysis.  I can offer Solazyme a custom suite of options, to find the best market options for their triglyceride oils.

– Kristi R. Hudson, Principal and Founder – Argent Innovations
Cell: (253) 709-0562
CV on file with IRI