Crown Holdings’ Use of Smart Glasses in Manufacturing Plants 

Resource Type
Case Study
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Salvatore Parise, Ruben Mancha
Tools and Techniques, Digital Innovation
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This whitepaper summarizes Crown Holding’s efforts to experiment with and pilot smart glasses in its manufacturing plants, the challenges it faced, and the lessons the company learned. The text relies on several interviews with Crown’s leaders responsible for the conception and piloting of smart glasses across several of its plants to facilitate the delivery of newly developed technology. It presents insights for other organizations to use in their digital transformation efforts. Crown Holding’s Use of Smart Glasses in Manufacturing Plants

Key take-aways: 

  • Understand the ergonomics of using smart glasses.
  • Focus on both the hardware and software features of smart glasses devices.
  • Work toward both a seamless and immersive work experience.
  • Prioritize the use cases associated with smart glasses solutions.
  • Tie smart glasses to a broader digital strategy and vision.