Digital Leadership Interview with Paul Mugge and Haroon Abbu

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Paul Mugge, Haroon Abbu
Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations
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Digital Leadership Interview with Paul Mugge and Haroon Abbu
September 2021

IRI’s Lee Green interviews Mr. Mugge and Dr. Abbu on their recent book titled, Trust: The Winning Formula for Digital Leaders, a Practical Guide for Digital Transformation. They, along with Gerhard Gudergan of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, explore how “building trust”—and NOT their technological competence —sets the leaders of this phenomenon apart.

Paul Mugge is the emeritus Executive Director of the Center for Innovation Management at NC State University.  Prior to that that he has 35 years in product development, global business strategy, and business innovation services at IBM.  Mr. Mugge has spent his entire career listening and sharing what he has learned with companies that intend to separate themselves through managing innovation. He wrote his first book in 2014 titled, Traversing the Valley of Death: A practical guide for corporate innovation leaders.

Dr. Haroon Abbu is Vice President of Digital, Data, and Analytics at Bell & Howell headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He is an accomplished leader with more than 20 years’ industry experience in leading technology-enabled business transformation while building analytics and digital transformation teams ground up.  Haroon brings together world-class research in partnership with NC State University and Germany’s RWTH Aachen University to advance thought leadership on digital leadership.  He is a frequent keynote speaker and a panelist at various industry events and has published his work in reputed business magazines and scholarly journals.  

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