Digital Transformation Case Study: Compendium of Learnings

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Case Study
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Innovation Research Interchange, RTI Innovation Advisors
Digital Innovation
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Digital transformation1 has the power to disrupt traditional ways of working and unlock new capabilities and opportunities in practically any industry sector. To fully understand the potential of digital transformation, and to share lessons learned from the non-digital native companies (known as legacy companies) that are pursuing it, IRI and RTI Innovation Advisors (RTI) joined forces in 2019 to conduct a series of six digital transformation case studies.

Over the past 2 years, RTI interviewed leaders of digital transformation efforts at six IRI member companies and developed case studies to document their journey toward digital transformation. These case studies feature companies that represent a variety of legacy industries: Michelin (tire manufacturing), USG (building materials), DuPont and BASF (chemicals and advanced materials), Brunswick Corporation (personal watercraft), and Novozymes (industrial biotechnology). Each company shared their experiences with digital transformation thus far so that others could learn from their experiences. We are extremely grateful for their openness and participation. Each case study is available for IRI members through the IRI website.