Digital Transformation Community Thought Leader Interview: Mickey McManus, Senior Advisor, BCG

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Lee Green, mickey mcmanus
Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations
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Digitalization Thought Leader Interview – Mickey McManus, Senior Advisor, BCG

May 2022

IRI’s Lee Green and Mickey McManus, Senior Advisor, BCG discuss Mickey’s time at Carnegie Mellon University, MAYA (Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable), Autodesk, and BCG including topics such as interdisciplinary creation, generative design, building effective human/machine teams, and the marriage of sustainability and synthetic biology.

Mickey McManus is a senior advisor and leadership coach at BCG and research fellow emeritus at Autodesk’s Office of the CTO. He is a pioneer in pervasive computing, collaborative human/machine innovation, human-centered design and education. Mickey holds 12 patents in the area of connected products, environments, vehicles and services.  His current research is at the intersection of automation, cognitive capacity, biases and meta-cognition.   He was the president, CEO, and chairman of MAYA Design, a design consultancy and innovation lab that spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 1989 with a mission of taming complexity. During Mickey’s tenure as CEO at MAYA the company won numerous Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) awards for product innovation, and spun-out, launched, or incubated five new MAYA organizations based on research done for the original “Department of Strategic Surprise”, DARPA.  He is the co-author of Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology. Trillions serves as a field guide to the future, where devices outnumber people and computing will be freely accessible in the ambient environment.  The design education institute Mickey co-created has taught over 80,000 people around the world.