Digital Transformation Community Thought Leader Interview: Professor William Green, University of Birmingham, UK

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Audio Presentation/Podcast
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Lee Green, William Green
Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations
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Digitalization Thought Leader Interview – Professor William Green, University of Birmingham, UK

September 2022

IRI’s Lee Green and William Green, Full Professor Of Technology And Innovation Management discuss Professor Green’s research into adoption of research technologies, how to handle the barrage of data, and best practices for rolling out tools globally.

Professor William Green is full professor of Technology and Innovation Management in the Department of Management, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Prior to joining the University of Birmingham in July 2022, he worked at the University of Leicester for 12 years, was Marie-Curie Research Fellow at Philips Research, the Netherlands; Senior Design Researcher at Vodafone Global, London and UX consultant at IBM Research, Warwick, UK. His research and collaborative innovation projects are highly impactful outside of academic and have been nominated for a number of national and regional awards. His early, PhD research focused on the design and development of smart home technology through human-centred and designing thinking approaches, and subsequently led him to study socially intelligent technology at Philips Research. These ideas have subsequently been applied in the healthcare and creative industries. Will has published widely in leading journals alongside Research Technology Management, including: Academy of Management Learning and Education, Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Marketing Research. Will’s current focus is on the adoption and role of digital technology in innovation and the impact they have on practice, with current funded research projects predominantly in the healthcare domain.