Digital Transformation Community Thought Leader Interview: Robert Wilkinson and Allison Rajakumar, Lubrizol Corporation

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Audio Presentation/Podcast
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Lee Green, Allison Rajakumar, Bob Wilkinson
Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations
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IRI Digitalization Thought Leader Interview – Robert Wilkinson and Allison Rajakumar, Lubrizol

March 2022

IRI’s Lee Green interviews Robert Wilkinson, Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics, and Allison Rajakumar, Senior Manager, Data Science & Analytics, Lubrizol Corporation. They discuss Lubrizol’s homegrown virtual testing and data analytics system for product development and deployment, They discuss how they overcame data and resourcing issues to create the system and how they have gotten staff to successfully integrate it into work practices.

Bob Wilkinson is the Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics at the Lubrizol Corporation.  He has held a variety of roles at Lubrizol spanning statistics, data management, knowledge applications and data analytics.  Bob received his PhD in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Allison Rajakumar is a senior manager in the Data Science and Analytics department at Lubrizol. She has over 15 years of experience in data science as both a statistician and manager at Lubrizol. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring they have the right people, skills, and processes to deliver data analytics systems and statistical consulting services in order to improve efficiency and facilitate innovation across the business. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Cleveland State University and a master’s degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University.